AG Animationsfilm Trailer

AG Animationsfilm Trailer from Caroline Hamann on Vimeo.

I finished the film I've been working on for the AG Animationsfilm EV. It's a film made to promote animation in Germany. Design and animation by Caroline Hamann, written and produced by Jonathan Webber, narration by Ute Kneisel, sound design by Owen Revell. Shot at Zyklopik.

Film Still

Hello, I'm shooting a short film at the moment, here's a still from it for you:

Chinese Whispers

Or 'Fl├╝sterpost' in German.

I was reading an article about forensic linguistics and how easily things are misunderstood.


Inspired by this podcast about twins. 

Elm Tree

An illustration inspired by an article in the New Yorker about, amongst other things, elm trees!

Happy Marine Birthday

Another birthday, another card!


The Future

What will today's hip Berliners look like when they're old?
Pretty cool actually!


I'm in a new studio/artist collective, and here's one of my friends, kirillka!

Happy Birthday

Another birthday card design!


I like to draw faces. There could be a nice story happening between all these people!

Berlin Summer Hipsters

It's summer in Berlin and the Hipsters have rolled up their trouser legs!

The Buddy Bear

I got commissioned to paint a Berlin Buddy Bear. The brief was very precise, but the bear is done!
It's actually a small bear, but just as sturdy:)

The Garden Cow

Her name is Lisa. Feel free to contact me for colourful garden ornaments!


Dog Illustrations

These are drawings I did for a game. 

Portland Hipster Bicycle Yoga

I've invented a lunchtime game called 'Portland Hipster Bicycle Yoga'

All you need is a blueprint of a bike and a hipster. 

And the fun begins! You can play this game in any city that has hipsters with bicycles.

If you want to play, get in touch and I'll put your drawing up!

And here is the first contribution - the Bristol Hipster from bintykins! Thank you!:) 


This is a sketch from my current project.

Memories of Manchester

Many years ago, I worked at an animation studio in Manchester. It was January, the working hours were long and what I saw of Manchester was mostly darkness: 

I stayed in a big, gloomy house that I never once saw in the daylight. 

In the morning, I'd walk to work in the dark. Occasionally, there would be a bus. 

I think the buses were meant to say 'Sorry not in service', but instead, all they displayed was a big SORRY.

What were they feeling guilty for? What could they have done wrong that they needed to apologize for again and again? It was like a public transport equivalent of the plane pulling a banner. 

Whatever they did, it must have been terrible. 

Stumptown Comic Festival

This last weekend, I attended the Stumptown Comic Festival here in Portland. 
It took place in a huge convention center, and due to the different events being held there, there was a wonderfully bizarre combination of people present. 

 I had a great time observing the contestants of the Spotlight Dance Cup, ambitious little girls with their faces caked in make-up.

And comic book geeks sketching each other:)

I was humbled by meeting Craig Thompson (he singed a copy of Blankets for me)
 And went home with a fine selection of comics and tons and tons of inspiration!

Composition for Storyboards

Today, I'm working on composition and perspective. These images are based on photos from Erik Benson's fantastic blog:

Train Make-Over

Today I saw this happy couple on the train. 

 I briefly looked away. When I looked back, the lady was busy dyeing her hair a beautiful shade of green. 
When she was done, she put it up in a bun and started plucking her eyebrows, which was obviously quite painful. 

That done, it was time for make-up. 

 When they stepped off the train, she was a completely different person. Boyfriend looked happy, too:) 
Aah, the pleasures of public transportation!