More selections for INK!

Honoured and delighted to have been selected at the Rafi Peer International Film Festival in Lahore, Pakistan!

As well as at the following:

Green Vision Environmental Film Festival in St. Petersburg, Russia

Festival Internacional de Cortmetrajes Fenaco in Peru

and Fincortex in Colombia! 

Happy Penguins!

and holidays!

First Book Cover

Buy the book here!

The Old Apothecary House

Which is, incidentally, the view from our studio!


Pre-holiday doodles!

Three more selections for INK

At Jahorina Film Festival in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as São Tomé and Festival Internacional Del Cortometraje FIC!

Thank you to Jahorina for inviting me, I really hope I can make it next time!

INK selected at Videomedeja

Ink has been selected at Videomedeja in Novi Sad, Serbia!


If you're not sure what to draw, draw an Elephant.

Tired doodles

I work a lot these days. Last week, the tiredness took over.

INK selected for Cartoon Club

INK is being shown at the Cartoon Club Festival in Rimini this month! Check it out if you are lucky enough to be at the Adria this summer!

I made a movie

I made a short animated film called 'Ink'.

You can see it at the Athens International Short Film Festival in July and at the Discovery Film Festival in Dundee in October and November.

INK will also tour Africa with the Kidavi Project

Thank you to Danny Hahn for the Music!

Character Design for Betongold

These are some of the characters I designed.

Storyboard Samples

Here is a draft of the first sequence from Betongold.

BETONGOLD wins Grimme Preis and is in the Guardian
BETONGOLD won the Grimme Award!

And is in the Guardian as well!

I will be uploading my original Storyboards and Drawings soon.

Good morning!

Trying out the new Cintiq!

Hastings Schoolgirls

During a week in the U.K.

Berliner Hipster Girls and Boys

They're beginning to look identical.